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Traditional Healthcare Doesn't Support The Cause of Your Health Condition... We are different!

Why come to Remedy Testing?

Private Natural Healthcare

We prioritize your privacy and comfort, offering a serene and confidential environment for your natural healthcare needs. Our approach is deeply rooted in respecting your personal health journey, ensuring a space where you can explore holistic wellness with complete peace of mind.​

Multi Dimensional Holistic Approach

We embrace a multidimensional approach to health, recognizing that true wellness comes from harmonizing the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of the body. This holistic perspective ensures a comprehensive exploration of your health, leading to more effective and personalized care strategies.

Amazing Guidance and Support

Our team is dedicated to providing extraordinary support, accompanying you through every step of your health and wellness journey. We are committed to offering compassionate, personalized care, ensuring that you feel supported, informed, and valued from your first interaction with us.

Bioenergetic Analysis For Insights

Utilizing the cutting-edge technology of bioenergetic analysis, Remedy Testing provides profound insights into your health at a cellular level. This advanced method allows us to uncover the underlying imbalances in your body's energy fields, paving the way for targeted and effective wellness interventions.

Who You Will Meet!


Dr. Angela Bremer Pufahl

Lead Doctor / Chiropractor

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Dr. Susan Herda

Staff Chiropractor

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Charlene Goetsch

Office Manager

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